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Auto Pilot Hotel Revenue Management System

Your Hotel Revenue Platform that delivers revenue growth while giving you more time to delight your guests

Our system will look after your hotel online revenue including optimizing your rates against your comp set, monitoring market demands, as well as ensuring that your hotel rates are pushed and adjusted to your connected online channels.

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A new division of , which focuses on delivering revenue growth to our hotel partners, while giving them more time to spend with their guests. Powered by our in-house development of AI technology and algorithm that consistently optimize your hotel rates against your chosen comp set, monitoring market demands and subject to your preference auto-publish the rates to all your connected OTAs & Booking Engine via Channel Manager.

Simplify Your Tedious & Complicated Revenue Management Tasks

Our software systems, which include RMS (Revenue Management Service), CM (Channel Manager) and IBE (Internet Booking Engine) are seamlessly connected. We aim to simplify your day-to-day operations so you can spend more time focusing on your guests.

Subject to your preference, we can also integrate to your PMS (please let us know your PMS brand) and your data can be synchronized to help us improve accuracy when optimizing and proposing rates.

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