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Hotel Revenue Management System
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Hotel Revenue Management System

Your Hotel Revenue Platform that delivers revenue growth and give your team more time to spend with your guests.

Key Software Features


Provides performance indicators of your hotel as well as monitoring your comp set.


Achieve dynamic pricing based on your chosen focus, whether it be occupancy, market demand, or competition.


Recommends the best optimized rate for the next 90-120 days as well as 365 days of the year.


Subject to hotel's preference, the optimized rates can be pushed to Channel Manager for auto rate adjustment on connected OTAs.

How does it look?


Track your hotel's performance on KPIs / Budget such as Occupancy, ADR, Revenue & RevPAR with our intuitive dashboard that is designed to deliver insights & help you take necessary action.

Policy Set up

Unlike other software, our RMS allows you to create your own policy, which can be combined based on your preferential focuses, i.e. Occupancy, Minimum rate, Competitor or Competitor avg. rate.

Pricing & Optimization

From our smart AI technology and algorithm, our system recommends optimum BAR for your property at any one time (dynamic pricing) just like airlines using factors like seasonality, city demands, booking window, competition, to boost your revenues through our RMS.

Competitor Data

Provides instant insights into your competitor’s data (snapshot of 30 days ahead) vs. your property.


This function if switched on, will let our RMS pushes our recommended rates to Channel Manager, which then will update your connected OTAs.

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